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Horse Riding, Raglan Harbour, Waikato New Zealand.


Experience Raglan on horseback

Surf and Turf Horse Riding, offers many unforgettable rides all located in and around 5km of Raglan township in the stunning Waikato.

We customise your tour to fit any level of rider, with a range of locations close to Raglan - the harbour, on the hills around the Te Uku windfarm, on the beach and even into town.

You'll be matched with a suitable horse* and given pre-ride instructions so you can experience the beautiful surroundings on horseback with confidence.

The rides vary from easy to moderate, contours are rolling and some may be a bit steep but can be easily adjusted to suit the riders ability.

Our horses are safe, well mannered and sure footed, so beginners will be comfortable and manage the ride with pleasure.

Call Mobile 0274 352648 or email to book your horse ride today.

*Please note there is a 100kg maximum weight limit for all riders.
*Walking pace only unless previously arranged



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Farm Rides

Farm Rides

Taking you over neighbouring farmland with extended views of the Raglan harbour, Mt Karioi and the Te Uku windfarm. Easy to moderate with rolling contours. Can be adjusted to suit riders ability.

1 hr $65 | 1.5 hrs $80 | 2.5 hrs $95

Beach Rides

Beach Rides

Ride along the picturesque Ngarunui beach and checkout the surf action from horseback. Wade into the waves as much as you like. The horses love it!

1.5 hrs $85

Sunset Rides

Sunset Rides

Ride into the sunset at Raglan's Ngarunui beach. A perfect way to end a days activity. A real favourite of romantic couples.

1.5 hrs $95

Swim with Horses

Swim with Horses

A once in a lifetime experience. Jump on bareback and ride into the water as deep as you like. You can even bomb dive from the back of your horse! Double up with a friend or simply dangle your feet in the water.

1/2 hr $70 (Summer Only)

Fun on Horseback

Social Rides

How good is your balance? Stand, kneel, lay down, turn around and sit backwards on horse back, and to finish off simply slide down the back of the horse. Suitable for young and old

1/2hr - $40
Arena only unless prior arrangement

Farm/Beach Combo

Farm/Beach Rides

Farm / Beach Ride Combo The Farm / Beach Combo will take you through the beautiful established pine forest, along nicely grazed Farmland with a 360 view over Raglan, Mt Karioi and of course the famous (Ngaranui) Ragan Surf Beach. *Not suitable for beginners

2.5- 3hrs $140


Swimming With Horses

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